Dear Customers – our playroom is open again from 24 August, at the following times:

Mon-Fri 9.00-13.30  

Mon-Thu 17.00 -20.30

Fri 17.00-20.00

Golden Club wishes to offer you the best workout experience, for the receipt of which you have the opportunity to leave your child in the Club playroom during the workout. In the playroom your child will be taken care of and provided with interesting activities by the playroom nannies  Ülle and Liisa..


In Golden Club playroom we shall adhere to the following best practices:

  • Children aged 1.5 to 6 years are allowed into the playroom.

  • For coming to the playroom, please obtain a ticket from the customer service counter and hand it over to the nanny.

  • The playroom service is free of charge for the members of the Golden Club Tennis, for other visitors of the Center it is 3 €.

  • A child can spend a maximum of two hours in a row in the playroom.

  • We expect children to the playroom only for the time of the workout of the parent.

  • We request the parent who brought their child to the playroom to leave the nanny their contact information.

  • The parents must be available on the phone to the playroom nanny, if necessary, at the time when their child is in the playroom.

  • The playroom can accommodate six children at a time.

  • Being in the playroom in outdoor footwear and outer garments is forbidden.

  • Breaking or damaging toys and taking them out of the playroom is not allowed.

  • We ask sick children (incl. children with runny noses and coughing children) to come to the playroom only after getting well. The nanny has the right not to allow a child with a visible head cold and/or coughing child to the playroom.

  • Please do not take drinks, foods, candies and other sweets to the playroom.

  • We ask that parents take the time to acquaint the child with the playroom and to the nanny.

Golden Club – the harmony of your life!