Good Practices

Good Practices of the Tere Tennis Center and the Golden Club

  • Only special indoor shoes with soles that do not leave traces on the floor are allowed on the court . The employees of the Center are entitled not to allow the players who are not respecting this rule onto the court. A penalty payment of € 50 must be paid for the damage to the court caused by shoes.
  • Please show respect  to the next players by finishing your practice on time .
  • Please do not go to the court before your playing time .  The correct playing time is regulated by the clock installed on the courts.
  • Behave politely on the courts , taking into account other players and children who may be on the court. If you throw the racket, use rude language and play with the naked upper body, the employees of the Center have the right to give you a warning. Should you ignore the warning, the Center will charge you a fine of € 50.
  • Any damage  to the indoor property  shall be compensated according to the amount of damage. A client who breaks or damages the property of the Center (including rental rackets) is obligated to compensate for the damage caused in full.
  • Taking food and colored drinks  (lemonade, Coca-Cola, Sprite, Fanta, etc.) to the court is not allowed.
  • No pets are allowed on the courts.
  • Children’s training group supervisors are responsible for introducing the traditions of the house to their students and seeing that these are adhered to on the courts and in other premises.
  • The lockers in the locker rooms are to be used only during workout sessions. When leaving the Center, make sure you have taken your personal belongings with you and returned the locker card/key. The lockers are opened every night and items left in lockers without permission are taken to the lost-and-found cabinet on the first floor  (the items are kept in the lost-and-found cabinet for 3 months). If you wish, you can rent a storage cabinet from the Center (for a day, a month, a season) by contacting the Center’s administrator.
  • Depilation, shaving, and hair dying in the shower rooms of the Center are not allowed. Use of oils, honey, salts and other body care products in the saunas are prohibited.
  • The saunas are turned off in the evening 30 minutes before the end of the last playing time (on business days at 22.00, on weekends at 20.00).
  • To ensure security, the public areas of the Center (excluding toilets, washing and changing rooms) are under video surveillance.
  • It is a good practice that the client leaves the building before the closing time.
  • The Center has the right to choose its clients.

We wish you a pleasant workout and relaxation moments!

Your Tere Tennis Center and  Golden Club