Good practices

Good practices of Golden Club

  • Golden Club is a club for people who appreciate time and quality, to find the harmony of body and mind through a sporting activity!
  • Golden Club provides customers for training in a gym, a variety of group training, spinning and changing and washing rooms with sauna on the conditions laid down in the customer contract within the validity period.
  • The services provided by Golden Club are intended for use by members of the Club and on the basis of a single ticket for the persons using the services of the Club. While in the Club it is mandatory for all customers to follow the club principles of good practices as described by the Club.
  • Membership of Golden Club is personal and access is guaranteed on the basis of a Club card or a single ticket to a specific person.
  • When coming to a workout, wear clothing according to the nature of the training, wear appropriate sports clothing, training shoes designed for indoor use and use the training towel.
  • The lockers located in the changing rooms are to be used only during training. When leaving the Club make sure you have your personal belongings with you.
  • Valuables can be kept in the security cabinets in the atrium of the Club. The Club assumes no responsibility for unattended items.
  • You can pre-register yourself for group training via the booking system on the website, by telephone or in the information booth in the atrium of the Club.
  • In the event of non-attending training, we ask that you release the reservation at least one hour before the start of the group training, informing the customer service representative by phone, text or e-mail.
  • Please confirm your reservation for group training at least ten minutes prior to the start of the group training. Ten minutes before the start of the group training we release all the unconfirmed reservations.
  • For participation in a group training, take a training ticket from the customer service representative or the information booth which we ask to submit to the coach at the beginning of the training.
  • If a Club member fails to appear for a group training on three occasions within two weeks, then he or she loses the right for pre-registration for two weeks.
  • For participation in individual training, and/or for receiving personal counseling, the Club member must register himself or herself in advance by contacting the personal coach.
  • Training and staying in Golden Club gym and TRX/Synrgy hall (with the single access ticket or as a contractual customer) is allowed for children who are over 14 years old, and children aged 12-14 years with a coach.
  • During the workout, use all the equipment and devices prudently and for the stated purpose and, if necessary, ask for advice and assistance from the coach.
  • At the end of the workout, clean the training equipment with the prescribed disinfectant and place them back in their proper place.
  • Shaving and hair coloring in the Club premises is prohibited.
  • Using oils, honey, salts and other body care products in the sauna is prohibited.
  • Have a friendly attitude towards other Club members and be considerate of the co-trainees.
  • For security reasons, there is video surveillance in the public spaces of the center (except toilets, washing and changing facilities).
  • You are requested to leave Golden Club premises by the time of closing of the Club.
  • We expect the customers of Golden Club to adhere to the generally accepted values and norms of behavior.
  • In the event of a severe violation of good practices, the Club has the right to demand full compensation for the damages caused and to terminate the customer contract with the Club member.

Enjoy your workout in Golden Club!