Personal training

Welcome to work out with the team of our personal trainers!

The personal training system of Golden Club is designed to offer you a safe and high quality personal training service, which will not disappoint you. Our coaches are specialists in their field and they will help you in achieving the objectives through testing the body and through healthy diet and exercise. The personal trainers of Golden Club care about their customers, and have created as comfortable conditions as possible for your wellbeing. Anyone who comes to us, will be listened to and treated with respect and friendliness.

Each person is unique for us, so we find that the best way to cooperate is to let you choose the most suitable one from about our personal trainers. Get in touch with a personal trainer in order to find the perfect time for the first meeting.

Whether your goal is a better posture, recovery from an injury, reducing weight, muscle workout, cardio training or sports-specific training – the personal trainer will help you find the quickest but the also the healthiest way to achieve and maintain the results. These are the results that will accompany you not only when exercising with us but also in everyday life.

Golden Club offers the possibility to perform the lactate test. The test is suitable for those who do not want the load test package but wish just to obtain their purposeful pulses for cardio trainings. The test is carried out by a personal trainer, who will analyze the results and prepare for you the necessary cardio training plan.

Be sure to consult your personal trainer regarding which tests would be suitable just for you.