Good practices

  • It is only allowed to go onto the courts in special internal shoes with non-marking soles . The employees of the center have the right not to allow players that ignore the rules onto the courts. The fine for damaging the facilities with unauthorized footwear is 50 €.
  • The badminton courts of Tere Tennis Center are multifunctional they can be used both for badminton as well as for mini tennis training. If a badminton court does have a net, you must install the badminton net yourself before starting to play. Accessories (net post, the net and the post weights) can be found at the ends of each square.
  • As a courtesy to the next players, please finish your training on time .
  • Please do not go on the court before your play time, , just wait for the right training time in the designated corridor. The correct playing time is regulated by the clock installed at the court.
  • On the court, you are expected to behave courteously taking into account the other players and the children that may be present on the court. If players throw rackets, use profanity and play with a bare torso, the employees of the center have to right to issue a warning to the player. In the event of the disregard of a warning, the center will charge 50 €.
  • In case of any damage to the hall, changing rooms or inventory of items, the damage caused must be compensated for according to the amount of the damage.
  • Playing against a wall is allowed only in specially marked places.
  • It is not allowed to bring food and colored drinks (lemonade, Coca-Cola, Sprite, Fanta, etc.) to the courts.
  • It is not allowed to bring pets to the courts.
  • Children’s training group supervisors are responsible that their students would know the house rules and monitor them on the courts and in other areas.
  • The lockers located in the dressing rooms are to be used only during training When leaving the center make sure to take along personal belongings and return the locker key. If you wish, you can rent a storage locker in the center, turning to the administrator of the center.
  • Shaving or dying hair is not allowed in the shower rooms of the center.
  • Things found in the center are kept in the Lost and Found closet for 3 months Feel free to ask about lost things from the administrator.
  • For security reasons there is video surveillance in the public spaces of the center, (except toilets, washing and changing facilities) .
  • It is good practice that the customer leaves the house before the closing time.
  • The Center has the right to choose its clients.

We wish you a pleasant workout and relaxation moments!

Your Tere Tennis Center and  Golden Club